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Putting theory into practice.

The 心理学 program at 资本 emphasizes both theory and practice. The small program allows you to connect with faculty and learn from experts both in and outside of the classroom. 心理学 majors are strongly encouraged to participate in research, and many have participated in the Summer Scholars program at 资本. Research opportunities often lead to internships and even an invitation to present at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.



  • 心理学
解读人类思维. 释放人的潜能.

The root of human behavior is psychology. Grasp the theory behind the science at 资本.


心理学 is the science of behavior and mental processes, encompassing both research - learning about human and animal behavior - and practice - applying knowledge to solve problems. Using the knowledge and skills you acquire as a 心理学 major can lead to a career with enormous impact—not only for you, but also for those you will help.  Whether you’re analyzing and interpreting data, tackling issues of cultural and gender diversity, or helping people overcome their own challenges, you will have the knowledge and experience necessary to make a difference in an ever-changing, 但永远是人类, 世界.

What can you do with a degree in this academic area?

  • Child Development Specialist
  • 神经心理学家
  • Community Mental Health Worker
  • 医生
  • Clinical Mental Health Counselor
  • 学校辅导员

Presentations at 威尼斯人平台’s 26th Annual Symposium on Undergraduate Scholarship


of graduates pursue graduate degrees in 心理学, 法律, Medicine, and more


Columbus’ rank for best cities for new grads



All 心理学 majors must complete at least one high impact experience: undergraduate research, 出国留学, 社区参与, 或者是实习. 资本’s location in Columbus will give you the opportunity to apply what you learn in the classroom to real life settings. Students have gained hands-on forensic experience as Behavioral Science Specialists, worked with autism-spectrum cases at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and learned about inpatient Psychiatry at Twin Valley Behavioral Health. Additional experiential learning sites include Maryhaven, 童年联盟, 艾尔维房子, and the Suicide Prevention Hotline.


You will be immersed in 资本’s strong liberal arts curriculum while taking advantage of coursework that provides grounding in psychology theory and practice. Understanding this specialized branch of science will enable you to identify the feelings, fears and experiences that influence behavior. Under the guidance of your professors and advisor, you can expect to contribute your own research to the body of knowledge and impact the science for generations to come. Your 资本 education will be critical in helping you understand people, their actions and their interactions in your future career.


With an undergraduate degree in 心理学 from 资本, you will be prepared for the career of your choice. Graduates have chosen a number of different paths including: Child development specialist, 神经心理学家, community mental health worker, 甚至是医生. After graduation, many 心理学 majors find themselves pursuing advanced degrees. 作为威尼斯人平台的学生, you will be prepared for graduate study in 心理学 and related fields, including programs at 资本.


  • Introduction to 心理学
  • Social Science Statistics and Research Methods
  • 发展心理学
  • Clinical/Abnormal 心理学
  • 生物心理学
  • 认知心理学
  • 实验心理学
和博士一起工作. Wilson is one of the most memorable things about my time at 威尼斯人平台. Whether it was in class, on my research project, or as an advisor, Dr. Wilson was always willing to give meaningful feedback and have open conversations about what I was experiencing in college. This includes the times where I was doing really well in the different aspects of my life, but also the times when I was struggling personally. Relationships with faculty advisors is one of the greatest things about 资本.”

– Ethan Scheck, 心理学 and Biology, Class of 2022

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